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What Are The Differences Between Zumba And Sh’Bam?


Before tackling the differences between Zumba and Sh’Bam, we must tackle the similarities first. They are both a cardio based workout inspired on fun dance movements based on today’s hottest hits. Both can make you burn as much as 500 calories in one dance session as long as you do it properly. Both exercises begin with stretching and end with cool down. Both of them also last between 45 minutes up to an hour depending on the instructor. You must feel full of energy when you enter this class because it is going to get you energized. The exercises are a load of fun though so you won’t notice the amount of sweat that already exited your body after a few minutes of work.

1) Type of Music

Both differ in the type of music they use as Zumba gets Latin music involved while Sh’Bam uses club, hip hop and chart topping hits. You can choose Zumba or Sh’Bam according to the type of music you like so you would end up grooving to your favorite songs. If you like hip hop music then you should enroll in Sh’Bam classes but if Latin music gets you rolling then you should go for Zumba.

2) Instructor Quality

You must be certified in order to be able to teach Sh’bam while you just have to know some basic dance movies before you can teach Zumba. This tells you that the quality of Sh’bam instructors is obviously much higher than Zumba instructors. It is going to be real difficult to find a Zumba instructor who is very good at what she does unless she has been doing it for a very long time. If you have a gym that has dance classes then you should land a good instructor or else nobody would feel like attending the classes. It is not easy to become a Sh’bam instructor so you can be confident of the quality of its instructors.

3) Accessibility

There are a lot of countries who don’t really listen to Latin music so they are not familiar with the songs being played on the speakers during Zumba classes. It is an entirely different story with Sh’Bam as everyone can dance to the music of today’s hottest artists. You will never get tired as you would just tell the instructor to bring it on because you are having so much fun. You might even catch yourself singing to the beat of the songs.

4) Publicity

Zumba has already gained worldwide publicity which explains why it is very popular in so many countries across the globe. You would be surprised at the number of people who have already heard of Zumba and it includes those people who have yet to try it. For Sh’Bam, there needs to be some sort of introduction as to what it is all about. It is not as popular as Zumba because it is fairly new. It won’t be long before it becomes a worldwide phenomenon though as it is a pretty enjoyable form of exercise.
Author Bio

The Stage Dance teaches a SH’BAM dance class in Las Vegas thrice a week. He had to go through the entire process of being certified though before becoming an instructor.


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