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Things To Expect In A Zumba Class

Zumba is one fun learning experience and you should come into class with an open mind. Here are some things you should expect when enrolling in a Zumba class:

What is the format?

A typical Zumba class is usually an hour long which means around 12-16 songs will be played. It is a good thing the choreography was already memorized by the instructor so you just have to follow what she is doing. She usually places herself in front of the class facing the audience but if there is a mirror in the room then she can afford to turn her back to the class.

Don’t worry about making a mistake

When you are a beginner, you probably don’t know the dance moves that well as the other students. It would be alright as everyone around you started that way. If you make a mistake then you will notice the only one who would laugh at you is yourself. As long as you do it consistently, you would be able to avoid making the same mistakes. You just have to learn from your previous mistakes so you won’t commit them again.

Bring water and towel

You will certainly be sweating a lot in a Zumba class. Because of that, you must bring a bottle of water so you can drink in between the songs. There is usually a time for everyone to drink their water and you will regret it if you forgot to bring one. If you are taking classes at a gym or training facility then there is chance water is already provided. You can wipe yourself every time you sweat as that is bound to happen at least 20 minutes into the session. If you made the mistake of wearing make up to the session then make sure it is water proof or else you are going to end up looking silly at the end of the session. It won’t be advisable to drink an energy drink because it contains sugar which means you would be putting in calories in your body.

Wear proper attire

For shoes, you must buy dance shoes and if you don’t have that then you can wear used tennis sneakers. There is nothing strict about what you should wear to a Zumba class as you can come in attire you are comfortable in wearing. You can choose to wear fun clothes if you are feeling funny. You can expect the instructor to be wearing Zumba clothes that are branded and those things can be neon and fun. If you don’t wear the proper attire needed then you might get injured.

Get into position

Before the start of the class, you will notice everyone would already get into their favorite positions in the room. If you don’t care where you are going to be stationed then you can go anywhere you want. If you want to be placed at a nice location then you must arrive 10 minutes before the start so you can have the spot all to yourself.
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Tracey Cutler always teaches sh’bam dance classes in Las Vegas to beginners. He would love to correct those people who do it for the first time so they can learn.

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